Due to poor paddy rice production in Indonesia the BULOG, Indonesia’s  State Logistic agency has imported 50,000 tons of Vietnam Rice.

Indonesia imported 20,000 tons of 5% broken rice and 30,000 tons of 25% broken rice from Vietnam due to increase in domestic consumption which led the supply of rice in the country slow.

The rice imported are kept under the supervision of BULOG warehouse keepers.

The Central Statistic Agency has estimated the Indonesia’s paddy rice production down by 2% from 71.28  million ton to 69.8 million ton.

In June 2014, the country has enough stock to meet its people demand for the coming 7-8 months. BULOG has the 950,000 tons of rice in its warehouses but to make the government stock more stronger it has decided to import 500,000 tons of  Vietnam rice.

According to the data by USDA, to fulfill the domestic consumption of  Indonesia, it produces 37.36 million tons of basis milled rice and import 1.5 million tons of rice in 2014.

USDA estimates Indonesia 2014 rice production to increase by 2% only and consumption to increase by 1% to abut 38.65 million tons from 38.13 million tons in 2013.