Recently, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development conducted 10 trials of hybrid rice. After 3 seasons and 2 test basic test cases produced as prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the sector has been selected 3 hybrid rice has short growth duration, good quality rice to put into production mass in the case. This is one of the solutions to build rice paddies quality, high income.


The summer 2014, Mr. Huynh Vinh, farmers in Hoa Thang commune (Phu Hoa district) 2 pole planting hybrid rice Male superiority in 1202, the yield of 80 quintals / ha. He excited Vinh said: “This hybrid inches longer than the ears of adults, I started carrying a sheaf go 4 unpopular. Also on this piece of land, I planted before the rice seed yield was only 60 kg/ha”.

Large piece of land of 2.5 perches situated next Nguyen Tan Loc rural roads inland My Hoa (Hoa Thang) ZZD001 grown hybrid rice varieties. “The field is the last time planting rice varieties ranging from pure rice to hybrid rice, hybrid rice but surpasses, spawning several branches, sun lit ears of grain, grain panicle length plays thick, tall trees average, late season yield 82 quintals / ha. I decided to do services like this “, – he said Loc .

Also in Hoa Thang, his field Vo Dinh Huong Visit planted 178 varieties Trans, from the young leaves of rice just until smooth green booting. Mr Visit said: “this year’s rice crop in the fields are a common element of adverse weather, such as heat, drought lasts. But I planted with hybrid rice during crop, rice is not sick, slick greens, less fertilizer than the rice seed, are sculpted, bright beads. This indicates, this variety is suitable for extreme weather conditions. The results yield was 80 quintals / ha, while the other domesticated rice production reached only 60 neighboring kg / ha.

Not only in the delta town where the summer crop field Duc Binh Tay Commune, mountainous Song Hinh district, also conducted 5 trials produce similar benefits in 1202 South, 1051 South best, Dac priority 11, Trans Perfume 178 vaZZD001. Production of hybrid rice, the people here have technical advancements seeding 2.5 kg / sao. The Khac Nguyen, Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Song Hinh district, said rice growth period average from 98 to 102 days, strong tillering, high uniformity, large panicles, long, hard up against falling tree good; cloud droplets, less flat, tasty rice, if intensive yield from 80 to 100 kg / ha. Calculation of indicators constitutes hybrid rice yield showed very high yielding, resistant to pests and diseases than domesticated varieties.

INTO mass production

With the funding support from scientists and Phu Yen provinces technologies, DARD has conducted trials of hybrid rice in 2013, with 10 the best F1 hybrid rice was introduced from research institutes, universities, companies producing hybrid rice research and seed testing Center for Central and Highland. Through crop planted 3 basic testing, late summer-autumn 2014, the same base datuyen selected 3 best prospects, including South 1202, Trans Perfume vaZZD001 178, put into mass production in the case. Nguyen Duc Thang, professionals Agriculture (DARD), chairman of the topic, said: “Seeds of hybrid rice varieties have good qualities so highly. The hybrid rice varieties were selected into mass production services to both growth and healthy development, potential yield and actual yield high returns over 80 kg / ha; short growing period, consistent with production in Phu Yen “.

Dr. Nguyen Trong Tung, deputy director of Phu Yen Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: The structural transformation similar to the use of high quality seed for mass production for the purpose of enhancing the value of grain rice and benefits for farmers. Hybrid rice has wide adaptability and good disease resistance, higher yields pure rice from 15% to 30%, intensive good can achieve the average yield of 80 quintals to 120 quintals / ha. This is the program of construction project quality rice fields, high income.


Manh Hoai Nam