India Queen basmati rice
India Queen basmati rice

The auditor General of Pakistan, AGP on Wednesday informed the subcommittee of Public Account Committee (PAC) on monitoring that 105,000 MT of rice has been missing from the warehouse of Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan (RECP).

Public Account Committee (PAC), headed by convener Rana Afzal was also informed that the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has closed the investigation process of rice missing from the Landhi warehouse Karachi.

Abdul Manan, member of committee was upset over the situation and questioned both FIA and NAB on how they could close the case of rice disappearance scandal without investigation and requested both the agencies to re-study the case.

The officials from AGP informed that Rs4 billion of  Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan (RECP) are still standing against the 74 suppliers against the rice supplied to them during 1976-1996.He also informed the committee that the Corporation faced a loss of Rs7.6 million when it imported red chillies through Noor Enterprises.

The auditor also informed the committee that the Estate Life Insurance Corporation has dues of Rs309 million pending against the Civil Refinery and National Housing Authority. Also four employees of RECP were found guilty in Rs 3.3 million fraud in other case.

Secretary of Ministry Commerce and Trade briefed the committee according to which the group had to pay Rs1.2 billion to the Estate Life Corporation in installments as agreed upon in 2008.

The Committee requested the FIA and NAB to again re-launch the scandal as test case and unveiled the culprits. The Committee also asked for a report from FIA against the Estate Life Insurance Corporation case in next meeting.