Indian Queen Basmati Rice by Bharat Industrial Enterprises Limited

The Federal government in Nigeria is planning in excess of 1.8 lakhs rice and wheat farmers for plantation in Jigawa for the 2016/2017 dry season. 90,000 farmers were targeted for wheat production which would commence in November 2016; while 90,000 farmers were targeted for rice production in early 2017. Federal Government would provide seeds, fertiliser and herbicide to the farmers at subsidised rates. Each farmer would be given three bags of fertilisers – two NPK and one Urea (50 kilograms) apart from 50 kilograms of seeds and two and a half litres of herbicide. The cold-loving wheat crop would go first between November and December while the plantation of rice can wait till early 2017.

The costing has been worked out to benefit the farmer all the way. One fourth of the cost of seed would be borne by the farmer while the rest three fourth by the Federal Government. Rest of the cost would be split equally between the two. The State Director, Agricultural Transformation Agenda, Malam Ahmad Labaran however, told that it would advise the Federal Government to reduce the numbers of farmers on wheat and add to those who would cultivate the land for rice. The director stated the inability of ATA office to obtain 90,000 farmers to plant wheat. Labaran said: “But unfortunately we could not get 90,000 farmers, so we will advise the government to reduce the number and add to rice farmers because we have them in abundance.”